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Wireless on-ear headphones with Bluetooth 4.0 and 40 mm drivers, rated for 16 hours of battery life.

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Why does the left side of the headphones work inconsistently? ANNOYING

The left side of my Jbl e45 bt do not work most of the time. If i move it around and im lucky it will work but it is inconsistent and annoying. Please help.

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you did not tell us where and what you move around. This could be as simple as replacing the connector or resoldering a wire. sometimes things can be repaired and do not always need to be replaced.

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Sounds like the cable and/or headphone plug has a broken connection. Not much you can do other than replace the cable if you can find a new one.

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In my case, I realised if I twisted my right earcup, the audio on the left will start appearing again. I ended up How do I open it up? and realised that if I pushed the white wire inside the headphones into the headband bit, the left side audio starts to work consistently again. So I super-glued that in place, put it back together and all seemed to work. I suspect the portion of the wire that bends when you fold the headphones had failed, and doing what I did forced the conductive material together and also forced another part of the wire to do the bending instead. Not a great solution, but it seems to do the job.

This is actually my second pair of the same headphone, my first pair broke 9 months in so I claimed the warranty. The current pair started to fail in a similar amount of time.

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