The HTC Desire HD is an Android smartphone by HTC Corporation.

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How to replace the HTC Desire HD glass?


I have a friend who has a Desire HTC HD with the broken glass. I know there are replacement parts except I can not find a guide for its removal.

The best would be a video or step by step guide. it's been a while since I try but without much success.

I fell several times on HTC Desire HD 2. It's the same model or it's completely different?

Thank you in advance for your reply.

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This may help, and sorry no video :-) Instructions from HTC Desire Forum combined with the video suggested by Richdave should get you going.

1.First open your battery cover and simcard and mmc cover, release that things all

2. open up all the screws that you see

3. lift up your flash cover, with very thin tip tool( like screwdriver or etc) , there is one hidden screw

the hidden screw is located underneath the black bezel surrounding the flash, next to the camera on the back.

To remove the bezel you will need a small screw driver or pry tool. BE CAREFUL it has 4 clips that you have to release without breaking, when looking at the back of the phone these are located

one. at the top of the bezel (slightly off center to the right)

two & three. on the left side of the bezel (level with the top and bottom of the silver flash ring)

four on the bottom of the bezel (slightly off center to the left), this one is needs to be released by flexing the bezel once the first 3 have been un-clipped. The bezel should then hinge open to the left and lift up and off.

4. then, pull your back dhd housing with little lift

5. now your back housing is opened, then open the left sticker near the housing screw spot, there is the LCD flex cable located, pull this cable carefully

6. give some heat to your digitizer with a hairdryer or something similar to loosen the glue

7. then, lift up your digitizer from the top corner and slide it down to the left and right, (caution: don't open from the below, there is the digitizer flexible cable located)

8. apply some heat to the LCD screen but don't get it to hot

9. then lift up your LCD screen from the bottom to the top and pull it toward the bottom

10. remove the digitizer flexible cable from the back of the LCD screen

11. change it with the new one and don't forget to apply some glue like double-sided tape or something to tighten the digitizer

Reverse the instructions to re-assemble your phone.

Good Luck

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This is a duplicate question, you can see the answer to that one Touch Panel glass broken.

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I think the link in the referred post is for a HTC Desire NOT HTC desire HD. They are different beasts.


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This may help VIDEO

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There is a HTC HD2 as well as the HTC Desire HD FWIW The whole range


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Look this:


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