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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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blue light on/off and top screen flex damaged from drop

Hi first post

2DS XL has been dropped down stairs and with inspection it has sheared the top screen ribbon cable in half and the wifi cable is in 2 bits.

This has happened within the hinge area itself.

Battery is charged and it reads over 4vdc

Press power and blue light comes and goes with very faint flash on botton screen and pop sound.

Charging light appears also when charging ...which seems fine.

Questions- can the ds operate without this top screen connected? Or does it have to be connected for unit to boot.

Just my thoughts were that, seen as though top screen is not connected due to cables broke, i was in the mind set that i thought the bottom screen would still work??

Tried holding START but nothing

Also all flex cables have been re seated

And tried holdin A B UP ..... etc but nothing.

Hoy many FUSES has DS2 XL got? And where are they locate

If you can help , id be very grateful

Right now ive removed battery , and im going to leave it out for 10 mins then try again.

Ive also disconnected back with the camera flex and speakers as it was in the way when checking board, i presume this is ok to leave off while testing?

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Just like the older DS models, the 2DS checks upon boot if all of the important hardware is connected, if it figures that something is missing it won’t power on. This means that it won’t work even with the top screen completely disconnected. you have to replace it.

The bottom screen works and is fine, since you can see the backlight turning on for a second (while the system checks itself). The popping sound is also normal.

It should boot without the speakers and camera connected, as long as everything else is fine.

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