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Sales of the second generation model started with model year 2000 and production ended with the 2005 model year. The second generation Neon was only available as a four-door sedan.

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Ignition will not turn!

I have a 2004 Dodge Neon my ignition will not turn at all I've tried WD-40 smacking the key with a hammer adjusting the angle on the steering column but nothing is working I don't know if it is because there is a lock button behind the ignition that is causing the problem if anybody has any suggestions please let me know thank you very much. I am to the point where I will try anything. Except call a mechanic!

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you tried turning the steering wheel from side to side to release the steering lock?


Thank you for the advice but I tried it many times I think my problem is with the ignition lock button that is located behind the ignition


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Not 100% sure of a solution but I did find this.

Hope it works.

no matter what. do not put wd40 or any similar crap, i know he mentions it in the video. but I’ve worked on locks where people have. WD40 and similar products have particles inside the spray which eventually will settle in the lock causing internal pins to bind and in the end the only way to fix it is replace the key cylinder.

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Jared Stevens, thank you for the link. I was able to remove the ignition when I got lucky and was able to finagle the key to the on position. Then all it took was a pair of pliers to grab the ignition (with the key still in the on position) and a screwdriver to push in the metal release button that is located under the ignition that is about 2 inches back from the front. I had to use quite a bit of force with both the pushing and pulling. It was definitely not a delicate job. My car has an anti-theft key scanning sensor that was located on the steering column behind the ignition. I have to leave it unplugged till I get replacement parts. Are you or anyone else aware of any other anti-theft mechanisms that need to be disengaged? I was able to start it for a few seconds then it stalled. Was able to restart a couple more, same result. Now when I turn the screwdriver all the gages and lights come on. I hear the fuel pump it sound great.


But when I try to start the engine nothing happens! Absolutely no noise of any kind. Battery is good, all fluids good, fuses and relays look good to me. A friend said that he heard the starter come on but he's not a mechanic ;) I appreciate any and all advice! Thank you!


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