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A touchscreen e-reader by Amazon with silent page-turning buttons and auto-adjusting backlight, released October 21, 2014.

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Do I just have a broken screen, or is my motherboard also broken?


I accidentally leaned on my Kindle with my elbow.

I heard a small pop (from the Kindle, not my elbow), and now it looks like this:

Block Image

Block Image

  • Lots of horizontal lines and a few thin vertical lines across screen
  • One small patch where it looks like the screen has been cracked (circled)
  • No damage to the front glass
  • Backlight comes on for about 15 seconds, goes off for a second, then comes back on, in an endless cycle. Image on screen doesn’t change at all. Video:
  • No vibration when page-press buttons are pressed
  • Charging LED comes on orange when USB connected
  • Computer doesn’t recognise as a USB device when plugged into
  • Discharging, charging, holding power button for 8 seconds, holding power button for 2 minutes, disconnecting and reconnecting battery (by unplugging internal ZIF connector), all make no difference.

Is this normal for a Kindle that has broken screen but motherboard is still ok? Or is it likely the motherboard is also broken?

Would like to be reasonably confident that motherboard is still ok before I go out and buy a replacement screen.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @limayankee ,

Usually DIY repairers do not have the resources (schematics, appropriate test equipment etc) to determine exactly where a fault lies if it is down at board level. The best that you can do is to hopefully isolate it to one major component, i.e. screen or motherboard. You may have to also bear in mind that there may be two problems with the tablet, screen and motherboard.

As you already know that the screen is damaged you’d have to open the tablet and check if there is also any damage to the motherboard, (use a strong light and a magnifying glass to check for cracks in the board as well as for damaged components).

Here’s a link to the ifixit Kindle Voyage guide(s) which may be of some help

If the motherboard appears to be OK I suggest that you purchase a replacement screen and check if the tablet now functions OK. If it still doesn’t work OK, then at least you’ve eliminated the screen as the only cause of the problem

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