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A USB gaming headset providing a complete 7.1 surround sound gaming experience.

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Wiring for Razer kraken pro. NOT 7.1 Chroma.

The reason this device is under the chroma version is simply the pro version does not exist on the device list. But i have had quite a time with this headphone.

Block Image

It has 5 wires, a white, copper, green, blue, and red. The copper wire seems to surround the white wire so i supposed it was the ground, so I connected it to the ground. The green wire seemed to be the left earphone so I soldered it, and the red wire seemed to be the right earphone so i soldered it. That left the white wire for the mic so I soldered that too. I tried many combinations of wiring so this is what I ended up with and the headset was working fine, but the mic was being picked up when i inserted it into an audio splitter on my pc, but was not recognized on my macbook. The audio of the mic on the pc was glitch, blurry, and so quiet it was in audiable. I’m wondering if this is of a wiring fault or a simple short in the circuit.

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Good morning,

I'm a new member of this family:)

I'm trying to replace broken jack4 Pole connections / colour of wires on broken headphone jack on Razer Kraken Pro V2. the old one has (Red, Green, yellow and white with shield to solder on new plug. Hopefully, someone provide the correct connection locations with colour of wires

I appreciate your time and efforts.

Thanks in advance



Please HELP me anyone with this information


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Hi @nutellanerd ,

Was it working OK on both devices before you had to repair it?

As not all devices are wired the same, it may be simply a case of the earth and mic being reversed due to the different wiring conventions used by manufacturers so that it works in one device and not in the other.

Here’s an image showing the two main wiring conventions being used.

Block Image

(Click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

Here’s an image showing the wiring convention used by Apple

Block Image

(Click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

If you wire the headphones to one convention, (perhaps the way that works for the device(s) that you use the most), you could use this-example only with the headset when necessary, so that the headphones will work with any device that is wired for the other convention.

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Alright thanks a lot, I will try that. :)


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