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The ATI Radeon X1900 XTX is a high-end graphics card from 2006.

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How to repair a deadly graphics card

How to repair deadly graphics card

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Hi Anmol tech

what do you mean? when you connect, what do you observe when you test the graphic card....


no display?


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You don’t say what’s wrong with it or what you have tried. Is its presence recognised by Windows? Was it previously working but then failed, or is it one you’re trying to install? Does it work in a different machine? If it’s recognised, check for any available driver updates. Is your power supply sufficiently powerful to drive it?

Make sure the fan isn’t clogged with dust and is spinning freely when the card is powered up. Check that the gold fingers on the connector are clean an undamaged, and similarly the socket it plugs into. If it’s actually faulty then there’s probably not much in it which is repairable, realistically speaking.

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