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RCA 10" Dual Tablet DVD combo Activation Code

My Friend got me this Tablet DVD combo   But the receipt got destroyed in bag by milk so I tell her it needs a code to activate she seems NOT to care so what do I do ?

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If you have the box/serial number/DiSA number, you can get an activation code from

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went there the code did not work so I tried again this time it doesn't register in there system


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I need my Activation Code for my RCA TABLET DVD COMBO, cause I got it given to me as a Gift & my Mom Threw away the Receipt not even thinking. I don't have the box to it any more cause it got Thrown away as well, I didn't think I would need it either but apparently I needed both items to Unlock the Screen. How do I go about getting the Code to open the Screen up? I tried talking to someone over the phone & using the site but either one will help me I just don't know what to do cause I really like this Gift & I don't want too Throw it away if I don't have to. Please help me get this Resolved.

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Me lo dieron sin resigo y lo nesesito

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