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Bose's consumer range of active noise-cancelling headphones are called "QuietComfort".

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No power even with a new battery

Even when I put a new battery in, the green power light will not come on

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Hi Michael,

want to know more about the history of this item, any drops or battery leaks before?

when is the last time it worked before ? and what had you tried out before?


I have this problem too. They stopped working and replacing the battery didn’t fix it so I shone a light down the battery compartment and I noticed a thin black wire that is soldered to the spring of the battery terminal door has managed to get chopped by the door itself and that’s the problem.


I have a similar problem. There does not seem to be a bad connection but when I put a new battery in the noise cancelling does not work. There does not seem to be any corrosion in the battery compartment. Can anyone help on how to get the headphones to pieces? I can at least look at the connections etc to see what is going on. Thank you.


Same problem. It gains power when the door is about 50% closed, but either side of that it cuts out. Can anyone help?


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Hi @nawatts ,

Here’s a link to the ifixit Bose QuietComfort 25 Repair guide, which may be of some help.

FYI just click on the device icon shown in a question in ifixit to check if there are any repair guides for the device.

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