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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console with the original model number CECH-2000. Produced by Sony Computer Entertainment it fixed many issues of the original (fat) Playstation 3. It was released on September 1, 2009.

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PS3 HDMI not connecting to TV.

So recently my mother bought a used ps3 at a pawnshop and the hdmi does not connect to the Tv. I connect the cables and it gives me a black screen. We took it back for them to test it out because the system turns on but the screen wasnt showing on my tv. Sure enough, it worked with them on a small flat tv, controller worked, system was able to reset. Im assuming since the system works , i need a new HDMI?

My TV is a Sharp Flat Screen with 1080p. I have my own PS3 that was also bought used and it worked with the TV. I never had any problems with my PS3 and the hdmi, however the one that my mom bought doesnt seem to connect.

Things i have tried:

· Resetting with the power button

· Switched the hdmi cables from my PS3 to the current ps3 my mom bought.

· Unplugging the TV and turning it back on

· Changing the ends of the HDMI cords.

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sounds like the hdmi port is not working, have you tried switching hdmi cables? you can try component av. if none of them works.


My ps3 console drop on the floor and it want load to my tv the green light came on but it want load on to my tv


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When tested and working, how was the TV connected to the PS3? If it was connected via the AV out, then I would suspect that the HDMI port is defective. Look closely at the connector. Are there any pins either bent or pushed in?

This connector can be changed.

Update this with what you see (pictures would be helpful too).


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All pins look fine. Nothing looks missing or bent. I have checked my TVs settings and everything is perfectly fine. One thing i did find weird is that it worked back at the pawnshop but wont work here at home and I have tried it with 2 TVs i have around plus a new hdmi cable.


Was the unit tested using the HDMI port or the AV port at the store?


Having the same problem worked on my older tv and not my smart tv


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