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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Stuttering when handpiece is turned on

After a (now blocked) scam call where an unreachable Telstra voice msg was left, handsets had ongoing red flickering message light (this problem fixed, thank you so much, by cluey IFIXIT contributor) but fast stuttering when the handpieces are picked up remains.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi @jan2 ,

A “stuttering” dialtone is an indication that there is a message in your Voicemail (Messagebank) service.

What happens when you dial 101? Are there any messages still there?

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Thank you very much but I do not have voice mail set up . Telstra confirms this. That is the problem. They say it's a Uniden problem! At least I was able to get rid of the flickering red light thanks to another IFIXIT contributor.


Hi @jan2 ,


Some more questions, sorry.

Does the stuttering only occur during dial tone or also during conversations?

Can you make outgoing and receive incoming calls OK on the phone?

Can you connect an ordinary corded phone in place of the Uniden base station and check if the problem is still there when using the other phone? This is just to eliminate whether the problem is with the Uniden phone or whether it exists with any phone on your service.

How is the Uniden phone's base station connected to the phone line, direct to phone line socket with no other device connected to the phone line, connected in conjunction with an ADSL internet service or as a Telstra NBN connected telephone service connected to the NBN modem?

Can you please verify the exact model number of your Uniden phone?


Thanks, jayeff . Apologies, answers went to IFIXIT Customer Service by mistake.

Problem identified & fixed after hours of Telstra contact. Signing up with Telstra gives automatic access to message bank which has first to be activated by customer. A pin no is used to access messages.

A mobile phone caller can still leave an sms message for a landline by way of Telstra voicemail, which is transferred to the person's message bank despite it not having been activated , resulting in a persistently flickering light and stuttering tone on the recipient's phone indicating a new message. But because the message bank has not been activated, it is invisible and inaccessible!

The solution is to set up the Telstra message bank with pin number, then access it using that pin number, listen to the voicemail recording, then request Telstra to permanently delete the message bank attached to your account ... and the normal service is resumed. What a relief!

Thank you again for your assistance! Much appreciated.


Hi @jan2 ,

Thanks for the feedback.

Glad that you got it sorted.



Five years later I have a similar problem. Thanks for that description. I will try soon.


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