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Smartphone by Huawei, released April 2015. Includes models Y625-U32, Y625-U21, Y625-U51.

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Huwawei Y6 Pro keeps shutting down.

Huwawei Y6 Pro - shows the battery at 1% even though it was charged to 80%, (give or take) with another phone. It keeps initiating a 10sec countdown to shutdown every time.

(just a short background) The owner brought the phone to me with empty battery and unable to charge. After probing, he also mentioned that he had possibly wet it, dropped it a few times, and had smelled faint burning plastic and gets quite warm while it is being charged. He further complained that it could only be charged when the charger is inserted in a certain way or when a specific charger was used.

Now I am beginning to be concerned at this point, thinking the fault might be in the battery’s “over discharge protection circuit” that’s telling the system the battery is too low and it needs to shut down. OR

if the main board as a whole is faulty (now replacing it isnt an option as it costs about same as the new unit).

how do I know it’s the over discharge protection circuit? If it is indeed the case, Can I bypass it either via software or a jumper wire?

What other possible issues have I missed?

Update (09/26/2018)


I used another battery and connected it to the mainboard. It did work just fine and was able to game with it.

The issue though is that as soon as the battery is connected the board heats up hitting about 100°F or 50°C on the thermometer even when the device is turned off. The heat becomes uncomfortable within 15-30 mins.

but then again, the phone works and the battery isnt the issue.

Does someone know what could be wrong and if there’s a possible bypass required.

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we can’t be quite sure

can you open up the phone and check if there are still liquid in it if so dry with blow dryer at medium setting

if the battery look swollen or have some kind of grey or greenich colour clouds in the three or four flat surface

the battery might be damaged and can’t be revive by charging with universal desktop battery charger


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It has been opened (Had to be opened to remove the battery and charge it in another functional donor phone). swelling isnt significant prolly about just a couple of mm. I did find out that the charging port wasnt working, I confirmed with a multimeter. I removed the charging port and soldered 2 wires on the positive and negative terminals aka vcc and ground (confirmed there is continuity) and connected them directly to a charger. It doesnt charge though. But My main issue is why does it stick to 1% battery capacity? and is there a way to bypass this?


it's definitely the motherboard then

it's gone

the only option I think you've got now is to use a soft tooth brush with fuel or Alcohol " LITTLE AMOUNT FOR EITHER USED" and brush the entire motherboard component and dry for couple more hour


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After 1 hour it switch off and it doesn't work when you switch on again

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