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A candybar-style smartphone by BlackBerry RIM released in 2009.

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How to repair a blackberry storm 2 9550 touch screen digitizer

BlackBerry Storm 2 9550

The phone is full functional that it powers up, the home buttons at the bottom still light up indicating the phone is on, however the screen does not turn on and remains black and does not light up. Whats wrong with it? And could it be fixed by just replacing the broke screen with a new touch screen digitizer?

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bryan, just in case. Have you tried a soft reset first. Just remove the battery and reinsert it and see what happens. If your screen remains dark I think your best bet would be to disassemble your phone and make sure that all connections etc. are free of corrosion and debris. If none of that should accomplish anything, you probably will have to replace the display. Instructions for the replacement of the LCD/Digitizer are here and the parts are available from multiple places. Just do a google search for your geographic area.

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