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Device and repair guides for the 2016 Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime smartphone, model number SM-G570Y or G570.

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Phone is not restarting..

my phone produced a beep sound and than turned off i left it for several hours but still it is not turning on charge was more than 70%.what should i do now???

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the first suspect should always be the battery, regardless of what percentage it shows. It is not a good indicator of the condition of the battery. Start by checking a few things like this

Block Image

You can of course always try a hard reset as well:

1. Turn off the phone. 

2. Press and hold both Volume UP and HOME + power on the phone. Keep pressing the VOl + home.

3. When Android Recovery menu screen appears release all keys.

4. Navigate and highlight "wipe data / factory reset" using the Volume down key and press power.

5. Navigate and highlight again to Yes -- delete all data and press power.

6. All data will be lost! Before doing a hard reset backup all important data. 

After hard reset is done select Reboot system now. Press power to reboot the phone.

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