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Series of AIO desktops released by HP in 2008. There are many models of this system. Specifications will vary based on the model and retailer purchased from.

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Why is my touch screen not working

I've tried to calibrate but when you touch it nothing happens. Of course I restarted it and it's still not working

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My microphone is not working what can i do ?


michel chidiac what device? What computer? What have you checked? Have you tried a different mic?


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Generally in HP after some updates touch stops working you can roll back last update on your computer and hopefully the issue will be resolved.

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well the PC was given to me. I believe that any and all data was factory reset. now if that doesn't matter is there a way for me to find the last update/


wait for some day windows will automatically provide you updates or you can go for manual update by opening control panel switch to classic view and click on windows update


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