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Computer stops at loading, forcing to go into BIOS settings

Every time I turn on the computer it stops loading in the screen where I have to go to the bios (by pressing F1) and then reboots and then normally loads my user profile. How come every time where do this step? do I have to change any settings in the bios? if yes, what should I change?

my pc:

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If you need to configure or set up your computer motherboard’s CMOS, BIOS, or chipset, see the Motherboard CMOS Configuration and Setup page for instructions.

As Guarav Kumar suggested and from reading the additional comments, replace your motherboard’s CMOS battery. This is typically a CR2032 3V coin-cell battery widely available at virtually any electronics store or online.

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the battery to which you refer is that of the asus maximus vi gene right? What do you see in this picture?

I will try to change this battery and I will let you know if the problem has been solved


Guarav Kumar and TechWizard thanks i just change the BIOS C-MOS battery  and now it all works very well


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