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Repair guides and support for the second generation, C12 series of the Nissan Versa / Tiida. The Nissan Versa is an economy car.

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Car will not accelerate.

I went to start my car, I drove off with no issue. After a stop at the light, the car would not accelerate past 10 mph, with the rpm’s at 1.5.

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sounds like your car went into “Limp” mode. You can try and disconnect the battery for awhile (make sure that you have the radio code if your radio needs one to operate). the reconnect the battery and see if it has resolved. If not you will need to get your vehicle scanned for any error codes. AS in why it did this we won’t know until you got is scanned.

Not sure if there are any other reasons why it would not go over1500RPM’s. Again, a scan would of course reveal those as well.

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