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The Xbox One X (Model 1787) is Microsoft's latest high-powered game console, succeeding the Xbox One S. The Xbox One X was released on November 7th, 2017.

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Looking for replacment Part

Hey guys, my Xbox one x fell this morning and this part

Block Image

I assume is a WIfI board or something got damaged, where the power button is also on. I tried contact IFixIt but they said they don’t have it in stock and said I should ask you guys.

Can someone please tell me where I can get a replacement or who’s willing to sell one? I’ve tried looking online but it seems Xbox One X parts are scarce.

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Please, can someone help


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This part rarely if ever fails. It would help to know how/why you think that this board is the problem. If you are looking for a replacement, I would suggest that you locate a defective Xbox One on the cheap and salvage it from there. Most failures of these machines are either the DVD or the motherboard (due to overheating). Thatbeing said, there is a good chance that a dead unit will have this board working as expected.

If you just can’t turn on the system, I would suspect that the tact switch (power switch) has failed and you should be able to locate a generic switch that will replace the one on the board. I would start there are switches are usually less than $1.

Update this with the original problem and we may have other suggestions.


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