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Repair and disassembly information for AT&T landline telephones.

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No dial tone, static open line display

Phone display says “ line in use”, will not give dial tone.

Heavy rain in area, which may be a factor. Lots of static last several days.

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Need MUCH more information to answer. Without this information I can suggest buying a new one.


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This answer is for a standard phone service or a phone service used in conjunction with an ADSL internet service (the internet shouldn’t be that good either) and not a VOIP phone service.

If you have any other devices connected to the phone line, disconnect them from the line and then try your phone.

If the phone now works OK one of your other devices which is attached to the line was causing the problem

If it is still faulty or you have nothing else connected to the line except your phone anyway, disconnect the phone from the line and then use another phone e.g. a mobile phone or neighbour’s phone etc to call your phone number and check what happens.

If you get a ringtone signal that continues on for at least 30 seconds or more then the problem may be with your phone.

If you get a ringtone signal which stops after a short while (<5-10 seconds) and then you hear noise or if you get a busy signal straight away then the line is faulty.

Call your phone service provider’s fault reporting centre and tell them of the problem and ask for the line to be tested.

Tell them that you have disconnected everything from the phone line in the premises. That way they know that the fault isn’t in your equipment when they test the line, as a good line, with no customer equipment connected should test clear open circuit to them, not one that has most probably an earth fault due to water entering the cables.

You may also mention about the heavy rain, if they’re located in a different area which may not have got any or as much rain.

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