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A small speaker manufactured in 2005 by JBL.

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JBL GO startup fail.

Hello there, wanted to ask something about my JBL GO. I used to have a regular one for about a year, then I lost it somewhere and decided instead of using my sisters same model, to buy a new one. My old one worked perfectly for the year, my sister has been using it also for over a year still going strong, but I bought the same that's waterproof a few days ago, and it's been playing today well, then I went to get some food, came back home to listen to some beats. It's fully charged, I start it up, and it immediately shuts off. I haven't even dropped it, the temperature is fine in the house, really haven't moved it from my desk. I click the start, it starts up and poof it's off without a sound, and I can continue to start it for many times, same thing over and over. Sorry for the litany, but I talk this much in detail, anyone got any ideas why, or how to fix? It's a factory fault perhaps?

Appreciate the help ;)

P.S. Chose wrong device because there isn't one on the list, it's just a small 'tooth and aux speaker.

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Since your device is basically new, I suggest you try to get it replaced under warranty from the store you bought it from, you could have gotten a faulty unit and it wouldn't be worth it opening it up if you can get it replaced any how.

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