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iPod Classic 6th Generation. Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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iPod Classic NOT RESPONDING to any touch!---HELP---!

i have an iPod Classic (6th Gen 80GB)purchased in 2009

Recently, it has ceased to respond to anything (which includes any button on the click-wheel), and starts only when the power cable is attached to it.

As a result, even when it is on, i am unable to do anything as it doesn't respond. The only thing it responds to is the HOLD switch, and nothing else..

Using the techniques for hard resetting the iPod (as suggested by Apple) is completely hopeless and of no avail (yes, i have tried it many many times..)

This has been happening for quite a long time and now i seriously need to repair it myself as the warranty period has expired.

Please help ASAP. Any replies/suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Aditya, there are two possibilities that I an think of right now, number one is that your click-wheel needs to be replaced number two that your logic board is not recognizing your click wheel. I f nothing has happened to the iPod I would open it up and take a look at the click-wheel connection. Make sure that the clip that holds the cable to the logic board is engaged, meaning that it is down. Also of course check for any corrosion on the board and the click wheel connector and cable itself. After cleaning and should it still not working, start with the click wheel. Oh, and while you are at it and it is open, change your battery as well. this way you will not have to worry about it for another three years. Good Luck and let us know if this worked.

iPod Classic Click Wheel Replacement

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Thanx for the re.

i dismantled the iPod and checked for any corrosion, all i could see was a white layer of powder stuck on the logic board as well as many of the connections. i cleaned it using ethyl alcohol and tested the use. The click wheel still wont respond. As a last resort, i took it to a local apple store, but as it an opened piece now, they declared it as non-replaceable. Apple products, as the service desk told me, are not repairable as Apple themselves do not provide spare parts sadly..The only option i have now is to repair it at home by ordering the spares online..

Please Help, further advice is desperately needed!


Aditya, start by replacing one part at a time. Do not get ahead of yourself. Start with the battery and click wheel, both parts are relative inexpensive and relative easy to fix. The while layer on your logic board is most likely corrosion of some sort:-) when you have your ipod apart to clean the logic board again, do not forget the side where the click wheel makes contact with the switches. Be careful when you clean it. there are some rubber bumpers on top of the 5 microswitches that correspond to the click wheel. Those have a tendency of coming off with to much isopropyl alcohol. use a small brush to clean it. Let us know how it is going and if you need more help. Use the guides for your work and study them to be comfortable with the work. It is really not that bad and should not take to long. It is not a difficult fix. :-) Good Luck


I've got the exact same problem, happened yesterday and I googled, that's how I found this thread. I've had mine for four years so I'm guessing it's doomed. I'm not gonna open it up, it'll retire to the drawer now. Well played over the years, iPod.


Hank, those are pretty good players and it would be to bad if you leave it in your drawer. It is a bit of a bear to open,but once you get to the guts, they are pretty straight forward to repair and parts are readily available....anyhow, your call ;-) good luck


I replaced all parts and still doesn't do anything ... changed all possible parts ... I wasted lot's of money. It does nothing.. someone who has an Idea ???


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I just received my 60GB video! It needed a new battery is all. It was 6.99 for a 900mah that lasts about 6-8 hours on a charge, more if you turn down the brightness and set the screen to dim after 5 secs or so. So happy to have it back. Sure I could've just snagged an old Android cheapie (Android since many support MicroSD cards and a 128gb card is only 18.00 give or take) but the feel of using the old clickwheel iPods us just fun! Sadly Apple dropped support for them so I partitioned my 2015 MBP SSD and I stalled Yosemite so I could plug in the iPod and have it work. I still use a cheapie Android with a 128GB MicroSD in it solely for music and have it USB connected to my car deck and securely locked in my glovebox and it powers off and on with the car which is great. Then I navigate to the USB input on my deck and it pops up showing the phone and all my music. I do the same with my iPod click wheel in my second car. Both work perfectly. Definitely glad I bought a 9.00 battery and resurrected it from my drawer “the dead" lol.

Incidentally, my wife's 160GB click wheel, wheel quit responding to touch and she's been using it for years until yesterday, it didn't get dropped, wet or otherwise so I have a battery for it already and am breaking it open today to clean it up and see if something is just loose or….fingers crossed. Will update if I saved it and what it was. It sucks Apple quit supporting these in iTunes and MacOS. THEYRE STILL VERY CAPABLE devices!! There's workarounds as I've done but still….UGH! BAD APPLE!!! BAD!

If her wheel is shot I'll put my wheel in her iPod since it's larger in capacity and they're exactly the same except for storage amount (same year and model) I can't out her HD in my iPod because mine is thinner and won't accommodate the larger thicker hard drive.

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This drove me F#@&ING BANANAS!!!!!

But a solution!!!!!

I cleaned the part of the click wheel ribbon near the ribbon connector.

Then I applied a small amount of super glue so that I was effectively gluing the ribbon to the board near the connector.

It seems that if the ribbon isn't flat it won't work.

I hope this works for somebody cause I know how frustrating it has been for me.

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Great that you got it working, problem with this fix is that if you ever have to work on it again, may be tough to get the cable removed.


Aditya here.

Its been more than a year now and i had completely lost all hope just like Hank. Recently i decided to open it up for one last time. And yes, i think i figured the problem.

Those components have been annihilated from the face of earth (the last three, marked by a Blue box).

I observed the buttons are connected to those components (connections on the logic board marked by red lines) and that is why i concluded that their disappearance is the main problem.

The arrow points to the components which have been corroded in my iPod. What exactly are they? Resistors? Inductors? Zero-Resistors?


Aditya, the burned out components on your logic board are inductors.


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Sounds keep it silly simple stupid but be sure the lock switch is off on top left and you'll know if it's on by a lock icon in upper left of screen. Ask me how I know :)

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