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Smartphone by Huawei, released April 2015. Includes models Y625-U32, Y625-U21, Y625-U51.

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Desoldered micro usb pads/golden fingers

When i removed the usb port from the board some of the soldering pads were missing.

First i tried to replace them with some pads from dead board but the board was so eaten i didn't had any copper to solder them.

So with a very thin sand paper i scratched the surface then i could see the copper.

I've seen that people make bridges with copper wires and solder them slightly up from where usually the legs of the usb port land. But where do i need to put the wires, is there another layer on the pcb? Because i don't see any trace paths.

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Perhaps if you were to post a close-up photo of the damaged section of board we might be able to help.


use some flux and a thread of copper from any wire and run it from the exposed metal lead to where the pad was. Using heat rather than a solder iron past this point would be helplful so you dont undo your work once you get the jump wire where you want it. hope this helps


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you have to find schematics and do a jumper from the trace which you have broken.

you can prevent this from happening by using flux and a higher temperature to remove the charging port.

check on google images for huawei y625 charging ways. you can find diagrams of which traces you need to do bridge a connection from.

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Yes i did it with hot air, but there were only two pads left already when i removed the port. And yes your advice is right, i found some pictures of the board with doodled bridges of where i could solder

the wires.


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