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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone 6 keeps saying it "needs to cool down" (temperature)

Hello, I put a new screen on this iPhone 6. I recently started using it as a business number. While I'm driving and using maps, the temperature notification comes on all the time. The phone doesn't even feel very hot to touch so I'm not sure what could be the issue.

I know every component on iphones but I'm not even sure where to start with the temperature, is that something within the IOS? or a part on the phone itself that could be damaged?


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I’ll list a few things that can cause temp warnings:

- New screen over consuming power and causing heat;

- Battery gone bad or need reconnecting;

- Back camera gone bad;

- Thermistor damage;

- Reference thermal resistor damage;

- Board level failure:

— Shorted capacitor;

— Failing backlight circuit;

— Flash light circuit damage.

This is not exhaustive.

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Okay. Battery life is decent just put a new one in before using. Might need to be replugged in but I doubt it. Definitely could be the new screen on it as well, I'll have to just check all these I guess.

Is there any chance an old IOS could be giving me those warnings? I think I might still be on 10


Battery transmits info to the board: how much it is holding power, and it's temperature. If it is overheating OR the sensor on the battery is failing and sending bad temperature info, it can lead to this message appearing on you device.

Of course iOS corruption can lead to issues, though personally I've never seen it - which means nothing really.

So if I were you, I would think back to what you did last before this warning started appearing. If you installed a new battery or screen, try going back to the old ones or try different ones, preferably from a different batch.


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I've seen sometimes the heat spot is right under the rear camera glass?

Can you check if this is the case?

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Under the rear camera glass? Where is that?


I mean sorry, I know where it is but I've never seen any heat spot detector or anything like that lol


Well that spot is common to heat up meaning the wifi chipset (there is actually multiple separate components in that chip) is actually causing a short circuit causing the phone to have the heat up message along with rapid battery drain.

Most of these heat related issues are caused after dropping the phone.

To fix that it requires board level repair to be done to the phone. It's 50/50 chance to get it fixed sometimes not repairable.

Have to take it to a reputable phone shop that does board level repairs.


It can be the camera itself, as I've seen that causing this issue before. Or the WiFi module as well like Ben said, though shorted WiFi module is more common for iPhone 6S rather than 6.

I once had it because a "calibration" or reference resistor connected to the PMIC was damaged... if possible, try to narrow it down to housing vs. logic board. For example by using a complete housing and screen if you have them or can borrow them for example.


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Am also of a view , that temperature indicator is mostly cause of wifi chip having a short circuit or camera. Try to disconnect the front CAM and if the problem persist the check the wifi chip

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