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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Should the red light be always on

Had a flashing red light, changed the settings, now the red light is permanently on. Is this OK ?

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Blinking red light indicates that you have to check your voicemail message.

The light should have cleared when you have.

Sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes the light is on permanently even when you don’t have voicemail. I don’t know why, spurious signal perhaps.

Did you try resetting the Voice message indicator light?

With the phone in standby, open the menu and select Global Setup; select VMWI Reset, then select Yes.

Here’s a link to the user guide, scroll to p.13 to view the information regarding Voice message notifications

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I did all that, still on


Hi @Stan Hayes

What is the model number of the phone?

If your phone service is with Telstra on the NBN, by default your phone service now has the messagebank (voicemail) feature activated.

If you don't want or need voicemail on your phone service, contact Telstra and get them to remove the feature from your phone service.

Phone them and cancel the service and all is good


I have a uniden 3135, did all th things above, red light is stillness, not blinking.


I meant “still on”


@Stan Hayes

Just curious.

Where is the red light located as the user manual doesn't show it or mention it?

if it is the handset's charging light?, perhaps the battery is still charging or it may need replacing.

Is it on when the handset is not in the charging cradle?


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If you have the Uniden Dect 1580 series, press and hold the “Find” button on the base for 5 seconds. The base will begin beeping. Continue depressing the button for the full 5 seconds. Release after 5 seconds have elapsed. The flashing LED should be off.

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Also worked on my DECT 2662-2W series equipment.


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If you have a voicemail on another service like Vonage, the light will blink until you delete it. Worked for me.

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I have this problem too. However it is only when the handset is in the base unit. Therefore it seems to be a charging indicator.

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