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Repair guides and information for food processors and choppers.

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Cuisinart SmartPower Duet Shut off a minute of use

What causes the Cuisinart Smart Power Duet to shut off after a few minutes of use? How can I fix this?

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Hi @jxferrell ,

Does it only happen when used in one operating “mode”, chop, mix, stir etc. or in all modes?

Does it seem hot or does it emit a burning smell at all?

The unit has an advanced thermal resettable fuse feature. If the event of an overload condition the unit will shut down to protect the motor from overheating. When this happens, to reset the unit, unplug the blender and let it cool down for a minimum of 15 minutes.

If it continues to shutdown after doing this and you aren’t overloading it, then how old is the food processor?

The unit has a 3 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Scroll to p.30 to view the procedure to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement.

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This was a new processor so I'm going to try the manufacturer's warranty. I will have to pay $10.00 for shipping per the warranty, so I do not like the terms of the warranty. But to answer the question as to what mode was used, it was during the chop mode. I never used the other modes because I was disappointed when the processor shut down. The processors has set idle in my kitchen since I purchased it.


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