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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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iPhone boot loop after screen replacement


I bought a broken iPhone 6 back in January. The guy who owned it said it had a broken LCD after it fell on the floor, it hit the left chassis and the glass near the front camera was chipped. The LCD was then showing some white stripes, and he tried to update the iOS to solve the problem and it was on a reboot loop. He said the update was successful but it failed to start for the first configuration. It was also supposed to be working fine before it was dropped. He had replaced the battery but it was still stuck in a boot loop but didn't replace the screen. The phone has not come in contact with water.

When it arrived, it had no charge. I put it on charge and it booted to the welcome screen. The lines went past the middle of the screen and the touch didn't work from the lines till the right side of the screen. I re-seated the display cables and the touch only wasn't working on the lines. The phone seemed fully functional apart from that.

I left it for a few months and last week I changed the screen. Before placing the brackets I tested the screen and it worked fine. So I put the brackets on and booted it up again. It was in a boot loop :/ The Apple logo would come up and then it would restart and the lower part of the housing was getting warm. It did this until it ran out of charge. I charged it and after hard resetting it did turn on but turned off after a bit. The battery was 10-15%.

Thinking the battery wasn't calibrated because of a few months of no use, I let it discharge, charged it while off for 5 hrs. When I turned it on it was in a boot loop and I left it to discharge. It has turned on a couple times but not for very long and goes back to a boot loop.

Yesterday I put it in DFU mode and restored it but it gave me error 9 and the progress bar stuck halfway. I tried rebooting but it was stuck on recovery mode. Today, fearing long screw damage, I checked the bracket screws but they were all of correct length. I then disconnected the display and tried to restore without display. It restored successfully, I disconnected the battery and reconnected the display cables. It was stuck on the Apple logo and boot looped. A couple of times after hard resetting a progress bar came up under the Apple logo only momentarily. It has now ran out of charge.

Sorry for the long post, wanted to get as much detail in there as possible.

Any ideas what the problem would be?


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This may be a problem with the front facing camera ribbon cable, or perhaps the LCD shield plate. This happened to me when I used an aftermarket part to do a screen replacement. I would suggest replacing these one at a time. And testing it each time. The problem will reveal itself.

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I dont have any replacements of those. Can I disconnect them individually? Would it boot with one of them disconnected?


The weird thing is, its not a permanent boot loop. I mean its still boot looping now and recently it has never booted properly but after the repair, in one of those times I managed to boot successfully I tested the front facing camera and it worked fine...


You can boot the phone without the front camera and/or home button extension cable running from the back metal plate of the screen plugged in.

Note that you should have the home button connected when restoring an iPhone or else touch ID won't work after restore (You'll need to restore the phone again with the home button plugged in if you did without it).

The touch not working where the stripes are is usually due to either a damaged screen flex cable but you already ruled that out by testing with another screen.

Another cause of the stripes is the screen connectors being damaged or the components near the connector having pry damage which is common when removing screen cables with pry tools.

You may have to check under microscope to see if there's any damage to the pins on the touch or LCD display FPC connector on the logic board .


@benjamen50 Are you aknowledging the fact that when I replaced the screen there are no longer any white lines? This would lead me to believe that the fault for the white lines was the faulty screen.


Sorry about that I was skimming through the post, no need to check the screen connectors then.

Seems to be something wrong with the logic board I would guess pm ic (power management chip), baseband chip needing reball (Check if you see imei displayed via 3UTools or the blue information icon on the bottom right on the lock screen.)


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