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Released February 2013, the Sony MDR-X05 headphones feature 40 mm driver units with Advanced Direct Vibe Structure reproducing powerful bass, acoustically tight seal, and superior sound isolation.

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Right side speaker not working

Sony MDR-XB920 headphones. Right side speaker stopped working for no obvious reason. (ie: no wires were pulled, it wasn't dropped or anything of that nature). Took it apart, no loose connections. I'm at a lose at this point what to check next. Further troubleshooting ideas would be appreciated.

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Thank you so much for this! Step 3 there was sound. Step 4 there was no sound.

It occurred to me to check the continuity of the left speaker (the one that works when I I have my headphones plugged into the jack) and that one did not work. Rechecked to make sure I didn't pull anything by plugging the jack back in, same thing: left side working, right not working.

Also, checked from the connection point from the left driver that lead to the right, no sound on the right speaker. Tested from the board itself, no sound at all from either speaker. Again, if I use the jack (double checked again just in case), I do get sound out of the left only.


Set your multimeter to the ohm scale. One probe on the tip on the jack and the other probe to the driver(you’ll have to check both to see which one is ground and which one comes from the jack. Then one probe to the ring of the jack and the other to the right speaker. That will show if you have continuity


Pretty sure I'm doing this right, and I'm getting no reading at all.


mine have just developed this problem. The pathetically small wire for the right driver between the left driver jack and and right driver has broken over time - ground still intact - i guess there are lots of bend points in the headband and its wear and tear. now the fun task of dismantling and feeding through a new stupidly thin wire


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check continuity from your connector to the right speaker (driver). Use this guide to see how to check it. Let us know what you find or if you have any trouble with it.

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