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How to fix Sony 65 in 4k TV. no red light.

I picked up this TV for free and thought it might be a fun project. Basically, the original owners had it for about 2 years, then one day it just turned off while they were watching it and they couldn't get it back on. There is no red light on when you plug in the TV. they also said that twice while they owned it, the TV wouldn't turn on but all they had to do was unplug the power cord for a while and then plug it back in and it would work.( I've heard this is because the TV can do some sort of automatic reset when you do this)

The model number is XBR-65X850C and serial number is 5031098. It's a 65 in. 4K Sony Bravia

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

The power cord is good, and when we had it plugged in we tried pressing the power button with no response.

I'm not sure which one is the main power board but just a noobie inspection of both the boards revealed nothing. Everything looks fine to me, but I will keep looking a little more.

Any help on this project is greatly appreciated.

edit:( After doing some more research online, it looks like I need a multimeter that measures DC Volts, which I don't have. I'm going to probably stop by the hardware store tomorrow and get on in order to continue.)

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Thanks Oldturkey, I think I made it a little better now.


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start by letting usd know what model it is. On your end I suggest you start with the power board. Samsung has consistently issues with capacitors on their power supplies. Take a good look at the boards and measure the boards inputs etc. Post some good pictures with your question so that we can see what you see. Use this guide Adding images to an existing question for that

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