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Released January 2016 as part of BLU's budget line of smartphones.

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Specifications for a 230 volt 2 pin power adapter to charge XL3 Plus

My phone is charging on the USB port of my desktop computer. I would like to buy a USB adapter to allow me to charge it through a 230 volt Australian wall socket.

Please advise the correct specifications required. eg. Input and Output.

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Hi @neilgl ,

According to this link the Blu Vivo XL3 Plus uses a 5VDC 1.5A USB charger to charge the battery. (scroll down to table showing full specifications for the XL3 Plus).

Have searched online for a 230V AC to 5V DC 1.5A USB plugpack but there aren’t any to be found, you may have better luck. Most are 230VAC to 5VDC 1A, 2A or 3A.

I suggest that you use a 230VAC to 5VDC 1A to ensure that it will be charged correctly and safely. (At the moment your computer’s USB port is supplying 5VDC 0.5A when charging the phone - unless your computer has a 5VDC 1A USB port - some do)

Here’s a link to just one supplier. It is not a recommendation to use them. It is shown to give an idea of the price. There are other suppliers online that may suit you better.

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