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The Samsung S860 is a high resolution digital camera with 8.1 megapixels, 3x optical zoom, Samsung SHD Lens, 2.4-inch LCD screen, and Digital Image Stabilization (DIS).

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The screen is black and when you shot it says Low Light?

The whole screen is black but the texts appears and I can view previously taken pictures but when I take pictures it flashes but appears on the screen "low light" and has captured nothing.

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does that go for outside picture in the daylight as well? Or are they ok?


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Now if what my esteemed colleague mayer suggested should not work for you, try this. Make sure that you have fully charged brand name batteries. My camera needs the expensive kind :-) to work well. Try to put the camera on AUTO and ignore the Low Light message for now. Then press the shutter button and hold it for a few seconds. see if that at least gives you a picture. The manual is available for online viewing at You can download it but must have a facebook account. I prefer the online version ;-)Good Luck and let us know.

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It sounds to me like your internal memory is full. You will need to load a memory card. Here's the users manual which will show you how:

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