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First generation wireless router released in February 2008. The Apple Time Capsule model A1254 is a WiFi compatible router with internal storage.

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Delta power supply failing?

My Time Capsule stopped working. No light, no sound form it, no connection to the computer.

Thought it was a failing power supply and bought capacitors. to my surprise the layout was completely different, Now I understand it is a Delta power supply.

No bulging capacitors.

Nevertheless the unit is not working.

measured the output from the power supply and it is 2 V and 10 V. Seem too little?

What to do?

Should I risk the money and buy a new power supply or could something else gone wrong?

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It depends on what you have on the drive. If its important stuff then you’ll need to get it working as you can’t access the drive any other way than through the TC (uses its own custom OS and file system). If you don’t care about the data then you can at least reuse the drive after formatting it as needed for the OS you plan to use on it.

After mine failed I jumped to a Mac mini as my backup system. At least then if it died I could still gain access to the data on the drives.

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But it would be nice to know what has gone wrong and if it is possible to repair.

Also the HD contains data I would like to retrieve. Should I risk and buy a cheap external dual voltage power supply?


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