Model A1347 with 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo Processor.

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Which SSD disk is compatible with Mac Mini Mid 2010

Dear All,

I would like to replace the original hard disk for a SSD.

I have found the following SSDs and would like to know if they are compatible. I have phoned Samsung but they referred me to Apple.

  • Samsung 860 EVO 250 GB 250GB 2.5" SATA III
  • Samsung 860 EVO 500 GB 500GB 2.5" SATA III
  • Samsung 860 EVO 1 TB 1000GB 2.5" SATA III

Is there also an instruction available how to replace the disk?

Kind Regards,


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Here’s the IFIXIT guide you’ll need to follow to swap out your drives: Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement. At Step 21 you’ll need to take the thermal sensor off, use extreme care! As its very easy to break. Transfer it to your SSD in the same location. Do take the time to read some of the comments before you start.

As for your choice of SSD’s: The Samsung 860 EVO line is a great drive. In truth it runs at all of the SATA speeds: SATA I (1.5 Gb/s), SATA II (3.0 Gb/s) & SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) we call these drives ‘auto sense’ as it will match up with your systems SATA Port I/O speed. Not all drives do this! So you picked a winner here as your system is only SATA II (3.0 Gb/s).

I’m not sure I understand you listing out the different drive sizes its upto you what your needs are. Depending on which version of system (2010 Mac Mini’s (Macmini4,1) you do have a second choice. As an option you can add in a second drive using this kit: Installing Mac mini Mid 2010 Dual Drive replacing your optical drive. Or, if you have the server version then this kit: Mac mini Dual Drive Kit

That way you can keep your current drive and then after installing your MacOS onto the SSD as well as your User accounts & Apps switch the boot drive over to your new SSD. Leaving your HD as the data drive for your stuff. That way you can reduce the size of the SSD you need.

Mac mini Dual Drive Kit afbeelding


Mac mini Dual Drive Kit


Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive afbeelding


Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement



55 minutes

Mac mini Mid 2010 Dual Drive afbeelding


Installing Mac mini Mid 2010 Dual Drive



1 - 2 hours

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Thanks a lot

I ordered the SSD

Rubber cement is mentioned. What is it and do I need it for the thermal sensor?

Kind Regards,



Where do you see rubber cement stated? Are you sure you didn't mis-read rubber grommet.


Mac mini Mid 2010 Hard Drive Replacement

Use this guide to completely replace your mini's hard drive. Completing this guide requires rubber cement to stick the old thermal sensors to your new hard drive.

Kind Regards,



OK, I think I see where you see that. That was someones note. No, you don't need rubber cement. There is some sticky tape wrapped around the wires. Just don't over handle the stick parts and you'll be fine.



I received the disk and have started. But I am stuck at 12 One 26 mm T6 Torx standoff don't know how to remove it. Don't have the correct tool or something. And there it looks like there is not enough space to remove the disk. Hmm what to do...


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