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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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Exe,unable to locate component

I mess it all up,now it says,iertutil.dll was not found.then my lab top is on but no start pic,just my pic screen is on,I can't do nothing, but I've press F8 and am in some systems, then F2 is set up and F12 is boot systems I've try all those,is there a reset button?or how can I get into the dll to recover it,becuz I've disable it,I know..

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no, there is no reset button. It appears as if you have corrupted your operating system. At this point you could probably reinstall your Windows operating system. You will of course need a copy of the OS for that. Since your computer still starts etc., you could get a LIVE Linux CD (I use Puppy Linux because it’s easy to use)and start your computer from that. You can then access your HDD and remove any files you need by copying those to a USB drive. After that reinstall your OS. You will probably have to set your BIOS for your computer to tart from a CD. To access your BIOS you press and hold "F2" on the computer keyboard when the Dell logo appears on the screen. The computer will enter the system setup program to display information stored in BIOS.

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Thank you for the info,it was very helpful,.


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Your best bet to recover it is to take out the hard drive, then get SATA or whatever your hard drive is to usb and plug it in to another separate computer. It will work like an external hard drive when plugged into this other computer and just click on it. Transfer the files you want to keep onto the other computer and voila you have all the old data. I’m pretty sure your computer is currently dead though.

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Thank you for the info,it was very good to know that.again thank you for the info,..have a good day.


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