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The Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 510S-23ISU is a Windows desktop PC that was released in September 2016. It is an all-in-one PC, meaning the device contains both a display and computer in one package.

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Why is my device not displaying?

My device comes on at boot but does not display. It keeps on producing an extended beep sound even when the ram sticks are changed. What is the problem and how can I solve it.

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Hi there ,

This is called the BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH this happens when there is a hardware changes and to fix it you need to unplug the PC and then hold the power button for 30 seconds and plug it back in

If you need more support please email me

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We had blackout and I disconnected the device,. When electricity was re-established 8hours later, I switched it on and only received the continuous beeping sound with no display.


Anyone know why this happens and how to avoid it?


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Hi @bangsimbah ,

It might sound continuous but is there a pattern to the beeps? There will be a pause between each sequence of beeps and then it will start over again and again until you turn off the IdeaCentre

Here’s a link to the Idea laptop/desktop beep error codes.

Check if you can discern any pattern in the beeps and then see if it is listed in the table in the link to see what the problem is.

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