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iPhone 7 iPhone not working after charger port replacement


My iphone didnt charge lately. I bought a new charger flex and before change it I checked it connecting the flex straight to the phone and the battery logo came up.

Then I replaced the new flex and when i finished and tried to switch it on the apple logo or battery symbol didnt't come up, no response at all.

Which part could be wrong connected? I think i am going to re-install everything again but i dont have idea what could be the reason..

I would appreciate any help¡¡

Thank you in advance

Update (06/12/2018)

I can not see something damaged like a pin or conector, do you @minho ?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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RESOLVED I reinstalled everything again and it worked¡


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You have the right idea, retrace your steps to see if you did anything wrong. Use this guide as a reference. The Lightning Flex is very robust so it's hard to damage, other than the actual connector. So you will want to inspect the connector on both the flex and the board to see if any pins are damaged. You'll also want to inspect the area surrounding the battery connector as you may have accidentally pried off some tiny components.

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