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will Nabi replace my tablets broken screen

will Naby replace the screen on my broken tablet

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Is the screen literally broken or just not working?

If it is literally broken then Nabi’s warranty does not cover accidental damage, given that the tablet is less than 12 months old.

If your Nabi is less than 12 months old and the screen is just not working (as opposed to being physically broken), you could contact Nabi as per the information provided in the warranty link and ask for a warranty repair or replacement.

If your Nabi is over 12 months old and either the screen is not working or is broken then the tablet would have to be opened (in the case of simply not working) or the screen replaced (in the case of a broken screen).

What is the model number of your Nabi tablet?

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Thanks for your answer, the model Number for Nabi ELEV 8 is : FCN95

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Unfortunately I've been unable to locate a replacement LCD screen online.

You may have better luck.

You could try opening the tablet and check if there is a part number stamped on the back of the LCD display module and search online using the part number to see if you can source a replacement that way.

Otherwise commiserations.


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