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Intended for effortlessness, the Canon ZR70MC camcorder’s sleek, cutting-edge design allows minimal effort for professional results. Developed by the optic brand you trust, the Canon ZR70MC is perfect for any project.

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My camera only record 10 seconds at a time

The camera only record 10 seconds at a time

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Try a power refresh, in case there are any corrupted settings in the camcorder which may be the cause of the problem.

Switch off the camcorder (if it is on) and then disconnect the power from the camcorder’s battery pack (if connected) and then remove the battery pack.

Remove the backup batteries from the camcorder and then turn on the camcorder for 10 seconds to drain any residual power from the camcorder. (Here’s a link to the relevant page from the User guide that shows how to remove the backup batteries).

Replace the backup batteries (you’ll have to reset the date and time and any other preferred settings etc), replace the battery pack and then check if the camcorder operates correctly.

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