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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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How do I block an incoming phone number?

How do I block an incoming phone number? I keep getting calls from a certain number and then they just hang up. How can I block this phone number?

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Same problem. I also have Dect 6.0. None of the offered solutions worked for me. Here’s what I did. Added number to phone book, named it Spam1 and then selected No Ring.


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Unfortunately this phone is not that sophisticated.

It cannot do what you want in this case.

The best that you can do is if you have the CID (Caller ID) service on the phone (the service is usually a subscription service provided by your phone service provider) is once you have identified the caller by the number that appears on the display OR by the personal ringtone that you can assign to the number (you need to have the number stored in the phonebook of the phone, exactly as it is shown on the phone’s display on an incoming call), you can then either:

answer the call and hang up immediately (press Talk/Flash then press End -this way at least they’ll pay for the call)


allow it to ring with the personalized ringtone signal, (as you know who is calling without looking at the phone) for the duration of the ringing signal time that the phone provider has for their landline services. (be aware if you have a voicemail service on your phone service as the unanswered call will be diverted to it if you don’t answer)

The personalized ringtone/don’t answer option may be the best solution as they’ll probably get tired of doing this sooner, when you don’t answer. You’ve spoilt their fun!

Here’s a link to the User Guide for the phone. Scroll to p.6-7 to view information regarding assigning personal ringtones.

If the caller persists or withholds their number from being sent forward there’s not much you can do except contact your phone service provider to see if they can help you as the calls could be considered to be of a harassing nature.

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This basically means you cannot block unwanted callers on this phone.


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Go to your base unit and try this:

Before using *97 to block the last person that called you, Selective Call Rejection must be activated by pressing *60 (included with Call Blocking) and at least one number will have to be added to the rejection list.

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Using CID I found my list of callers. Clicked on Menu which brought up the choice to Delete the phone number. Click on Yes or No and click Menu again. This removed the phone number.

Hopefully I will be quick enough when I get another call and can block it

It is difficult to press *60 and *97 quickly one after the other, and there appears to be no way to add a number to be blocked. Is there an easier way to block someone who has called and is harassing?


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I couldn’t get any suggested solutions to work so - I selected the number in the CID and added to phone book, then selected Do Not Ring. Fingers crossed 🤞

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