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The Mazda Capella was commonly known in markets outside Japan as the Mazda 626. The Mazda 626's sixth-generation was built on the GF platform and released in 1997 for the 1998 model year.

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Where is the intake air temperature sensor located?

My check engine light is on so I did a code check at my local parts store, the scanner said my problem is an intake air temp. sensor. My problem is I can,t find it. Please help. The reason I had it checked is because it takes me 30 min. sometimes to get it started. I've replaced fuel pump, air charged sensor, head work done, stopped the heating problem now I would like for it to start when I turn the key.

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trying to find IAT sensor on my BA 6cyl falcon auto


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chadell if you are looking for the physical location of the sensor, it is on the left hand side of your engine and all 4 cyl and 1998 models have the intake air temperature sensor installed in the air cleaner housing and it is only 2 wires. Check the attached image ;-) it also helps if you give the error code that you originally got.. anyhow here you go.

Block Image

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Turkey - I realized after reading your answer that chadell may have been stating that he couldn't find it on the vehicle not that he couldn't find the part ;-)


mayer, happens to me all the time it just shows we are all humans ;-)


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Here you go:

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