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Smartphone by Huawei, released April 2015. Includes models Y625-U32, Y625-U21, Y625-U51.

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My y625 hasn't any service.

Bought new Huawei y625 and there is no service.Have changed sim cards but still no service.When i rebot or stitch it off and on again service might last 5 minutes then goes off again..what could be the problem?

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If you've tried a different known working, network compatible SIM card and it still doesn't work properly and since it is new take it back to where you got it from and get it replaced under warranty.

If the retailer doesn't want to know about it, consult the manufacturer's warranty statement that should be with the documentation that came with the phone, as to what you have to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair, replacement or refund. (if it not a separate document, look in the User Guide, if you have none, search for Huawei Y625 warranty for your location online)

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