The Stream 7 is a compact multi-use tablet produced by Hewlett-Packard and was released in September of 2014.

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Why dosent it charge?

I plug it in but it wont charge before it ran out of battery it said when plugged in, plugged in,not charging

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Hi @mosedc ,

Have you tested that the output voltage of the charger is correct, i.e. 5V DC?

Have you tried a different compatible charger?

Have you tried a different compatible charger cable?

What have you tried?


Yes everything you said I tried but didn't work.So my brother told me it was the charging port. How would you fix that?


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Hi @mosedc ,

If the charging port (micro USB) was the problem, as it is mounted on the systemboard, you would have to remove the systemboard from the tablet to gain access to the connector so that it either can be replaced if it is faulty (have you visually inspected it with a strong light and magnifying glass to ensure that all the pins (5) are there and that they are all straight and parallel with each other?) or repaired if it is loose from the board for example.

If it is either faulty or loose then you will need SMD (surface mounted device) soldering skills and tools to effect the repair.

Here is a link to the service manual for the tablet. Scroll towards the bottom of p.22 to view the necessary pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove the systemboard.

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Thank you this should help.


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