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A tablet released in September of 2015 by Amazon featuring a 7 inch multi-touch screen display. Model Number: SV98LN

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Why does my wifi not detect any signal

It can connect to wifi but i haft to be right next to router but it is very weak

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Hi @wane ,

Do you have the same problem with detecting or connecting to BT (Bluetooth) devices by any chance?

It may be that the WiFi (and BT) antenna is not making a good connection to the systemboard.

Here are two images taken from the ifixit Amazon Fire 5th Generation Motherboard Replacement guide.

The first shows that the antenna may be in the back cover of the device and that it makes only touching (tensioned?) contact with the systemboard.

The second shows a close up view of the actual connectors on the systemboard.

The connectors are either dirty, the're not exerting enough tension onto the connectors in the back cover or perhaps the back cover may be not as secure at this point so that enough tension can be placed on the connectors. Try gently pressing down on the back cover, in the area over the connectors and check if the signal level increases, varies etc.

Block Image

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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