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Uniden D1685-3T is a cordless landline home phone with an answering system on the base. Two additional cordless handsets with chargers are also included. Troubleshooting and repairing the product is quick and easy to do.

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How to add option for more information.

I would like to know what I need to do to offer callers extended information about my website - as another button to press?

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Hi @uniden1 ,

Unfortunately your system is not that sophisticated to do what you want.

It is a fairly basic telephone and answer machine setup.

Once an i/c call is detected, it can either be answered by the answer machine (where the call can be screened and answered if necessary by someone on one of the phones connected to the system) or by someone on one of the phones connected to the system.

There are no other options to switch to extended recorded information once the call has been answered.

You could always extend the answer machine "greeting message" up to 30 seconds (maximum allowable time for a recorded greeting) to try and get the extra information included in the time frame and then screen the calls.

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