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No Volum on my Samsung TV

My Samsung TV volum keep going down. At the first I thought I sit on my universal remote but wasn't. I tried put the vol up using my remote but went down by itself right away. After tried few times eventually it won't turn up the vol at all on remote. I tried turn the vol on the side of tv and did the same thing keep going down by itself. For some reason my remote won't turn tv on now. Checked TV setting on vol they are the same as before. I contact my cable provider they gave me a bunch of codes to reset my remote but non of worked. I can't turn tv on remote, only turns tv from tv button now. I can use anything eles on my remote. They said sometimes something stuck on the button so I checked both remote and tv but they are good. Now there's a vol bar showing 0 on the tv screen stays on the left side of screen....

What can I do to fix?

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@turtletv you are talking about two remotes. Remove the batteries and put the remotes out of reach for now. Remove all inputs from your TV (cable box etc.) and unplug your set. Hold the power button on your TV down for a couple of minutes with the TV unplugged. After you do that plug the TV back in and try to turn it on. Connect one input only (DVD etc.) and see what you get. Should this still not work you probably have an issue with either the IR board or the button bar. It is also possible that this is caused by your cable box. You will need to let us know what exact model your TV is.

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Hours of googling I unscrewed back cover and disconnected buttons panel. Problem solved! I don't have a TV remote I only using universal remote. After disconnect the panel where all the buttons on the side of tv. power, vol, channels etc, the vol bar showing on the screen was gone and able to turn and off tv from my remote. Now I just have to get find a panel for replacement.


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