The Asus X200MA is a portable touchscreen laptop with an 11.6" display. This device was manufactured in 2014 and is also identified as Asus X200MA-RCLT07.

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I have asus x200ma no display

i have asus x200ma no display but when using monitor externa there is

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With the laptop turned on, shine a torch at an angle close to the laptop screen to check if you can detect an image at all. It will be very faint so try it in a darkened room to help see if it is there.

If you can't detect an image then there is a problem with either the laptop screen, the video cable between the screen and the motherboard, the video cable connections at either end (screen or motherboard) or the motherboard.

If you can detect an image then there is a backlight problem. This could be a problem with the screen, the backlight power cable (may be in the same cable as the video cable -not sure re your model), the cable connections, the backlight power supply on the motherboard or perhaps the lid switch. (This switch is a magnetically operated switch that either opens the circuit for the backlight power supply when the lid is nearly shut or it sends a signal to the BIOS to software turn off the backlight power. Again not certain which type is in your model.

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