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Fridge not cooling after replacing motherboard

I have a Frigidaire gallery fridge model # LGHB2869TF3. I got this fridge 2 weeks ago and the motherboard went out (according to the repairman). I have replace the motherboard but it still doesn't seem to be cooling. The repairman told me when he checked the fridge the first time that the fan and the compressor were fine. What else could this be?

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Hi @kat2127 ,

Is it a "new" fridge, i.e. does the manufacturer's warranty still apply?

If so check the warranty statement as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer's warranty repair or replacement.

If the warranty does not apply the following questions will hopefully narrow down where the problem may be:

1. Is the freezer section temperature OK or is it "warm" as well?

If the freezer temp is OK then there may be a problem with the evaporator fan or damper doors (if applicable)

2. What are the temps in the fridge/freezer? Normally the freezer section is 0 deg F (-18 deg C) and the fridge section is about 40 deg F (4 deg C)

If the temps are low but not correct there may be a problem with the thermostats or thermistors or see Q4

3. Can you hear a fan running inside the fridge? (It will stop and start as you open and close the doors).

See Q1

4. Is the compressor running continually?

If so it is trying to drive down the temp, but this is not being achieved. Could be insufficient refrigerant or a faulty compressor.

I assume that the repairman would have checked all these things.

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