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The Astro A40 TR Plus Mixamp M80, manufactured by Astro gaming, is a headset and amp bundle used to increase the stereo sound quality for the Xbox One .

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How can I fix the wire that connects to the M80 mixamp

The microphone and one of the speakers to my Astro A40 headset have stop functioning. If the wire attached to the M80 mixamp is angled and pushed just right, both components will start to work. I suspect that the wires enabling the speaker and mic to work have somehow loss connection due tugs on the cord. I think if the coppers wires were reconnected that the headset would start functioning normal again. I need information and a video on how to disassemble the M80 mixamp for the xbox one to expose these wires, but without harming the casing.

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I have the same issue.


Hello i have the exact same problem, lookin for a guide to fix it


Yeah me too it Made me stop talking


I have the same issue, buy a new M60 and will try to fix the M80, and see if able to make a guide.


I ended up moving to a different brand, but they broke after 6 months. Went back to the astro and, and got a 2 year warranty for when this happens again. Anyone else have alot of issues with the cord wanting to twist all the time?


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quick fix i did, pulled off rubber groumet behind mixamp, pushed in plastic piece so it moves freely, and its worked ever since.

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Worked like a charm thanks bud


what do you mean by rubber groumet? the only thing i can think of is the part where the cord comes out of but i dont know if i can remove that


Yup the rubber thing you can pull down along the cord without damaging anything, it pops out of the back of the M80 casing. I messed with the cord after that and this guy is right it worked.


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