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The Mondo GDI-IRC6000, released in 2011 by Grace Digital, provides a combination speaker platform for both online radio streaming and digital audio playback.

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Need to replace top volume control

Grace Mondo internet radio has developed intermittent function in the top volume control knob. I am guessing the shaft encoder has failed. Twisting the knob will randomly raise and lower the volume, regardless of direction of rotation.

I find that the remote control iPhone application can still change volume, so the radio is functional, but I would like to recover use of the local volume control

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Had the same problem. Grace contacted me and said they could find a problem. When I receive it and if the problem occurs I will video tape and send it back. Cost me 35.00 to send it to them.


Well guys, I ended up just living with the crippled control, and not it is December 2020 and the Receiva aggregator site is going down, so I expect these Grace Mondos to turn into doorstops.

I really enjoy the table-top form factor for internet radio, so I just bought a new Grace Mondo Elite which supposedly has a chipset under the control of Grace and should be good for a few more years :)


I went to and entered the serial numbers of my 2 old Grace radios and now I can still add stations to the "mystuff" folder. So they are not totally dead yet. I also got XM Radio to send me a code for a free Alexa Dot since their service no longer works on the old Grace radios.


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I don't know your radio so I don't know if the volume control would be a rotary encoder type (usually identified by just a number stamped on it) or a potentiometer, usually identified by a number with either a k or k Ohms after the number denoting x thousands of Ohms resistance stamped on it).

If it is a rotary encoder try cleaning it and see if that resolves the problem.

Here is a link to a video that shows in principle, what to do.

Here is a link to the ifixit Grace Digital Mondo guide which may be of some help to gain access to the encoder.

If it is a faulty potentiometer (or even an encoder that has failed mechanically) hopefully there will be information stamped on the case of the component which will help if you have to order a replacement part, as I cannot find a service manual for the radio online from which to get the part information.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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The shaft is a little longer than original, but not a problem. It fixed mine once I got it apart. (The hard part)

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Try replacing with an Arduino rotary encoder board from Ebay or Amazon. Might work.

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