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How do I get lg universal remote home button to go to lg home screen?

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I have a LG universal remote. All buttons work appropriately with my LG55 TV except for the home button. When I push it, it takes you to settings instead. I have to use another remote to get to the home screen on my lg tv. I cannot find any help on the Internet to tell me how to reprogram the HOME button to go to the HOME screen. Any suggestions?

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Hi @retiredfinally ,

Does the LG universal remote have a model number at all, e.g AN -MR650, AN -MR600 etc,?





I recently inherited both the TV and when asked for the LG remote was given this remote by trustee of estate. I will get no further help from that resource. Not having this remote initially I purchased two different magic remotes, only being unable to register either with the tv according to the directions (point at tv and push ok button gets no response). However, the home button works on them and I have been using them for this only. If you think I should order the remote at the link you provided, I will do that and return both of the LG Magic remotes I have purchased. I am included pics of both the LG Magic remotes I have.

LG (Magic Remote) AN-MR400G (both)





No, I really have no need for universal remote, but am enjoying the TV (even though it is a several remote issue). I have ordered the remote you suggested off of ebay. I should get it on 4/12 :) Thank you so much for taking the time to help me solve this issue and offering an inexpensive solution. I just assumed I had the correct remote. The person it came from was an electronics geek and most probably had many, many remotes and I was just given one of many. I will keep you posted. Thank you again!


Hi @retiredfinally ,

You're welcome.



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Hi @retiredfinally ,

Has it ever worked properly?

According to this link your model TV is not in the list of TVs that are compatible with the remote. (Scroll down the list of remote model numbers and find AKB72915239 to view the list of compatible LG TVs).

If it has never fully functioned correctly, perhaps this is why.

According to this link the compatible LG universal remote for your model TV is a LG AN-MR400. (Scroll down to find your TV model (LN5790) in the list of compatible TVs

Hopefully this is of some help.

Update (04/08/2018)

Hi @retiredfinally ,

If you have no need for a universal remote, (because you don't wish to operate other devices as well as the TV using the same remote), then I suggest that you consider this option as it is a lot cheaper than the universal remote.

Not sure why the AN -MR400G that you have doesn't work but since they don't return for a refund if possible.

If you do want a universal remote then perhaps you should order from the link I provided, as it is LG shop so if it doesn't work you can ask them why because they state that your model is compatible.

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