Repair guides and support for the eighth generation of Ford F-Series trucks: the F-150, F-250, F-350, and F-Super Duty.

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Why di I have to hold the signal light lever to make turn lights work?

Have to hold signal light lever so the signal lights will work. The lever does not lock in place. 1989 F-250 Ford Lariat

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Know what to do now. Great help. Thanks


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bfortune there should be a plastic 'trip' part that gets set when the indicator lever is is pulled up or down. This sets a tripping part that is contacted by a steering shaft projection (canceller) to trip the turn signal off when the steering wheel goes straight. Take a look on here as well as on here for a better understanding and how to possibly fix it. Instead of trying to fix it you can of course replace the whole assembly as well.

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